Canadian Usage-Based Internet Billing: A Money Play by Large ISPs



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It's horrible. It's a lame attempt to get Canadians to watch Canadian content, by Canadian methods. Part of the reason is that most Canadian TV Shows I've seen suck. Yes, there are quite a few good ones, but the majority of the stuff you see on TV is from the US. At this rate, the CRTC might as well follow Egypt and disable the internet. Might as well go for all TV too. Then we could use the money we'd save to get passports and move to a different country.



This is bull$hit, I'm so sick of the CRTC regulating what I can and can't watch...!
They need to lift some of the 'laws' they've set and realize Canadian's want to enjoy almost free programming whether it's movies, TV, or music.
I use Rogers 'high speed' and its $hit, I go over the 175GB package I have by mid month ALWAYS, and it sucks, any overages are $.50 per GB... It adds up if I'm going over every month! Now they want to charge me $1.90/GB!??!?!? Are they kidding!!!????
We have Apple TV and we thought it would be cheaper than cable but it's starting to cost just as much!
I hate commercials (even the super bowl ones) so we canceled our cable package and now we either stream movies and TV shows from iTunes or hook our MacBook directly up to the TV.
As you can see I feel very strongly about this (I am a Canadian), and I can't to anything about it... Thanks CRTC, can you say 'monopoly'?

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