Did Apple Quietly Release a New iTunes Security Feature Today?



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I didn't get that email. If I did it was probably treated as spam. However, when I tried to use the App Store for the first time I had to re-enter my username and password for my Apple Account.



I have also received an email right before the start of the new year. I mainly changed my account info, due to the fact that I had leftover giftcard balance, and my account was hacked, and I lost all of the balance. I immediately removed my credit card info.



I believe since the last update of Itunes that this has been present. I have received an email also when I updated or changed my info last month.

And Adam2000 is right, they require a tougher password now.



It might not be that new but it is certainly a recent change. I changed few things in my account yesterday including the password and I noticed they require using much complex passwords. The last time I changed anything in my account was a year ago and I did not receive any notifying email.



Ya, me too. Since I'm the kind of person that saves email, I can tell you that I received an Account Info Change email on December 20th. Good to see you guys are on top of things!



It's not new. I received a similar e-mail several weeks ago.

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