Blogger Challenge 2008: Top 10 Reasons to Donate



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I know it's rough out there right now. My rent just went up again, I can't afford plane tickets to visit my parents for Christmas, and it seems like everything (except RAM and hard drives) is getting more expensive all the time. Who can afford to save the world, am I right?
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Mr. D

Thanks, Susie and MacLife for your help. Earlier tonight I found out that one of the proposals was fully funded. I can't wait to share the good news with my 2nd graders in the morning. You have inspired me to donate to another classroom that could use the help. Thanks again.

 Gerard AKA Mr. D


Ray Aguilera

I believe the budding little Mac geeks are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Reviews Editor, Mac|Life


Zack Stern

Hey. I'm not interested in prizes (or likely eligible), but I made a donation and Team M|L totals didn't change. Did I do it wrong? Is/was there some "I'm with Mac|Life" button to click? Or are you manually making updates after people email you?


Susie Ochs

If you started out on our Giving Page and clicked one of those projects and gave to it, the amount should be automatically added to the tally.

Maybe you just entered the site through its home page and found a project from there? Yeah, I think in that case they wouldn't have a way of knowing you're with ML. But at the end of the day your donation will be just as helpful, of course.

Thanks for donating!



Hey! I love this article! I went ahead and donated myself. I will share this will all my friends and family. What a great way to help our communities in need!

Love the magazine!


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