First Look: Google Music Beta



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It took me 3 days to upload 8,000 songs, in the background without me even seeing that it was going on (though my internet connection slowed a bit ... but you can control the upload speed, so I set it to the maximum before bed and back to slowest when I got home from work). The songs showed up in the Google Music app on my Transformer soon after they were uploaded, but on my Evo, it seemed like it synched once and then never again. I cleared the application data, uninstalled and reinstalled, and after I told it to sync up to my cloud music, it did. Complicated, but it's early beta, I'm sure they will iron that out.

Now I have access to all of my music from my phone, tablet, or any computer with internet access. Pretty cool ... depending on what the price turns out to be. It's nice, but not something I can't live without if the price isn't right.



I don't know what this chatotaur is, but whoever came up with it is a genius with names.



[quote]To be fair, it is still in beta,[/quote]
Google has a history of turning out unfinished products with a 'beta' label and then never finishing them.



This is not entirely true. Mail finally went out of beta many years ago. And now it's wonderfully complete! I couldn't imagine life without my Gmail.



Plbbbtt !!!

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