Is iPad 2 the Future of Apple TV?



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I liked the article. But I just dont see Apple going that way with a television, and it would be most likely locked to what specific brand or model, not all for the TV. Thus, it would be years before it would become the norm for people to have that capability.

Given that the AppleTV is so small, its easier to just carry my AppleTV to anyones house I am going to that a HMDI compatible TV. All you need is their wireless key and power, usually they already have an existing HDMI device so you dont really need an HDMI cable with you (good to carry anyways for hotels) and just plug it in.



I must say this title is very attractive. My opinition for this question is no. Definitely Apple TV and iPad has own unique features. iPad 2 is a rumor-mill before released. As predicted by many, not a major update, but a good incremental improvement. Surprised to see that the iPad 2 is still not capable of running Flash Player. Seems the ipad converter software I grabbed from macxdvd is useful.



Maybe, maybe not. I don't think there's much margin in selling TVs, "connected" or not. Apple has rarely jumped into an industry that it can't totally redefine and adding the ATV functionality to a TV isn't really new.

However, consider this: the A5 cpu is dual-core with some pretty good graphics. If it weren't saddled with the low power requirements of mobile devices it's likely it could perform even better. When it (or one like it) makes its way into the ATV, that'll open up a bunch of very interesting capabilities abound - games and other apps, direct content streaming (using iP* devices as controllers). All in a nice "safe" sandbox (not like hooking a Mac mini up to a TV) with a tightly controlled user experience.

It may be that the A5 (among other things like a new touchless API) was what they were waiting for before opening up downloadable apps to the ATV. Exciting times!

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