My Weekend with Google+



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I still think you can't be everybody's friend as Facebook forces you to be. And at the bottom I know ALL of them are not really my friends. And twitter is a broken tool where the only 2 ways to grab a circle of people is either to be a public person, a heavy tweeter or following 2000 thounsend people waiting to be followed in return, and guess what, nobody listen to nobody. Its a deaf game. I am still waiting for my G+ invitation to really see if it is a better social network. Your post shares light about this new service I hope I can try any time soon :D



haven't really had time to play around with it much yet, but it looks like it has potential. i use an iphone and have photobucket though.



it integrates with the android? Google+=Flop (again) why integrate it with a fragmented platform? just another social-Networking flop from google, can you guys just stick with what you do best (or used to do well, BEFORE you got greedy and went for everything else) search!!!



I would say that the reason Google went with Android integration first is, well, the reason that Apple makes everything compatible with iOS. It's much easier (and faster!) to make your products work with your own products rather than third-party ones. And I don't see why Google would use the resources for iOS development if they're not even sure this service is going to take off yet.




You're lucky you got a chance to use Google Plus. I'm still waiting for Google to open invitations and send me an invite. While I find your review to be comprehensive and useful, I really want to try the service out myself.

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