The Verizon iPhone: A Canadian Perspective



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Bell announced their plans to implement a GSM network long before the iPhone was unveiled. GSM is a global standard, and at the time the handset market was generally sexier on the GSM side. CDMA, while superior in some ways, is simply not as popular in other countries.

iPhones work like crap on AT&T because they have oversold their network. AT&T simply does not have the capacity to keep adding devices. (This situation may change in a couple years when LTE emerges, as GSM networks will get new spectrum allocated for data. For now, voice and data occupy the same spectrum).

For a company like Verizon, implementing GSM would be a far more cost-prohibitive measure than for Bell in Canada, because there is much more area to cover in the US (almost the entire country, while Canada's coverage is primarily along its populated southern corridor).

iPhone's performance on AT&T has been disappointing. Because Apple is only as valuable as its reputation for creating quality products, they desperately needed to get the product on another US network. Because the other networks didn't have GSM any time in their near future, Apple could only react by developing a CDMA iPhone.

This has nothing to do with different business mindsets between the two neighboring countries ... other than that the overall scale in the US is much larger.

Just sayin.



So, a couple Canadian utility companies transforming themselves in response to US-based corporate innovation is used as a cultural metaphor??? Actually, that DOES just about sum up the contrast of the two cultures.



maclife has a canadian group?



So, we have two stories of several mega communication companies and their various exploits in providing iPhone services while filling their coffers with money. And this becomes a metaphor for the two countries as a whole. The "way we roll up here" versus "the Americans doing things just a little differently." How is the maneuvering of corporate entities trying to make a profit for their shareholders tied to the culture of two countries? It isn't. You have thrown up a strawman to try make an article about the approach of the companies more interesting as a cultural comparison. To those that are interested, the way the companies handled dissemination of the iPhone is interesting enough. You didn't need to make a giant leap.


Ginger apl fanboy

You know as a canadian I must point out the you can buy unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada and they are on our 4 biggest net work ( now virgin mobile too) come to canada to get your unlocked iPhones



I am not sure, but I think Americans were being disrespected...


Seamus Bellamy

Not at all! I work for a number of American companies, have American editors and a whole boat load of Americans that I consider to be my good friends. I love the United States as much as I love the Venture Brothers... and that my friend, is a whole lotta love.



Most entertaining story. Entertaining and educational actually. >_> Now to go back to my plotting and scheming so I may finally get my paws on an iPhone.

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