Warning: iPhones and iPods Really Are Bad for Your Kids



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Parents are please avoid to giving mobiles to children s.

Thank you
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That shocking news is not only for Kids.. Its danger to all type of persons. Listening music is good for health and brain, at the same time that is not good for Ears.. Nowadays we are killing our ears through following weapons:

1. Ears buds
2. Using Ipods with hear phone for ear
3. Using FM radio's with hear phone
4. Listening loud music and playing video games through ear phones

Please avoid these type weapons to killing our Ears..


Venti PTL

So, I walk to school everyday (15 minutes) and lunches are long (45 min) and I'm fast paced. So, as you can imagine, I have my iPod Classic in my ears a lot (I mean the earbuds, not the iPod itself). I don't have it too loud... I don't think. How loud is too loud? I can easily hear the surrounding conversations and am active in them, and can hear the bell, and the inescapable jabbering and mish-mash of words all across campus. Moby is just an amazing music genius! That's not too loud is it?And also, as the only teenage boy has NEVER had a video game system in his house (until Christmas, when we got a Wii, and my sister won't let me touch it), let me just say that World Of Warcraft, etc. can't be good for the brain. This is because while it may help brain development, it also desensitizes you too gore and violence. I stand my BFF's (the girls) and turn away when I see blood on a movie at school. It's disgusting. These people are ultimately not phased by such brutality, and that can't be good for the brain, especially when you consider Grand Theft Auto 17 or whatever current version is out. I don't keep track. But that teaches that violence is okay, and it's not. If you want to improve your child's brain, have them play 3-D Tic Tac Toe. It's hard! I can't beat my friends, but it's really fun, and my thumbs don't get sore from pressing the joystick and the A, B, C, D, X, Y, and Z buttons on the game console controller. Oh, and PS, I used to text message, but when I used the wrong version of 'there/their/they're' in a text, I stopped for next three months. I haven't had to go therapy. Well, not for the texting. It's been about 6 months now, and I'm functioning perfectly fine. But I would still love to have an iPod Touch, and would not use my thumbs!!! So, I'll be helped.



I fully believe that it is up to the parents to watch out for any danger, in any child's life - iPhone, iPod, scissors, knives, video games, etc...

To the comment about the hearing loss - if I am not mistaken, there were things like portable cassette players, portable CD players, etc.. around before the iPod?? So, Apple is clearly not to blame here.

Mr. "wtf", are you victim to this statement? -

"in school. Turns out the vernacular utilized by the texting throngs is now trickling into classroom assignments, and the comma and other such energy-wasting punctuation is becoming a thing of the past.

OMG. R U kidding me? Ssrsly, 4 me, this is the scariest warning of them all."

That is all...

I must be getting back to engineering.



aren't u guys supposed to be endorsing apple products?

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