Why Seinfeld Doesn't Work With iPhones



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Mac Boy

actually most of the Seinfeld episodes wouldn't have worked even with normal cell phones but since this is a mac web cite i see why you chose the iPhone still love the show tho


 [Mac Boy]

 R2-D2 with an iPod




Watching Elaine pound the pavement in search of sponges has given me hundreds of laughs as opposed to the boring, time-saving minute she might've spent on her iPhone. Some things, like Seinfeld and iPhones, are like oil and water. I, for one, am grateful for the joy of simplicity.



Ah, Seinfeld.. Haven't been able to watch that since Michael Richards (Kramer) went ape-poop and made it virtually unwatchable for me.

Still, all very good reasons as to why the iPhone would kick ass in seminal 90's ensemble comedy series.

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