Why the Verizon App Store Could Save Android Without Hurting iTunes



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I was a Verizon customer for a long time, and ran a business that provided Verizon phones for our employees. Verizon took FOREVER to adopt new hardware, and even longer (if ever) to provide OS upgrades. The Verizon UI was miserable, and the apps available for Palm or WinMoble phones were largely dodgy. We switched to AT&T with the iPhone. Largely, the iPhone should be named the i"phone" because, at least here in Boulder/Denver, it's really not a phone. I love all that I can do with various apps that free me from a laptop, but "phone" implies the ability to make and receive calls. That really isn't possible.In my home office I have an MicroCell, and my wife and I each have an iPhone 4. With 5 bars (and the MCell banner showing) we can't call one another from inside the house, or we drop the call. (Her office is in a different part of the house). Texts appear days after being sent, as do voice mails.
Verizon is no picnic,and AT&T is just flat out greedy and lazy. I find myself using Skype more and more; and may just eventually sell the iPhone and work from my iPad. I think ALL the cell companies suck. Just differently.



I think the title Jolly Ol' Father Apple better suits the Woz.



I have been holding my breath waiting for the Verizon version of the iPhone and am willing to pay the termination fee to get one..but wait...with Verizons apps on MY iPhone? Not so much now.
This could be a deal breaker for many folks. I just won't buy one if that will be the case. I don't NEED an iphone but I want one. Now I have reasons to have legitimate second thoughts.

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