Boston Innovative IMEP MP-702-388

Boston Innovative IMEP MP-702-388

The screen’s nice, but you can’t play your brand-new iPod’s video on it.


The iMep MP-702-388 looks like a portable TV, and it is, but it’s also a boom box with an AM/FM radio, a DVD video player, a CD player, and an iPod speaker. The radio works well, and there’s a collapsible antenna to help with reception. We didn’t have much luck with the TV, even when we attached a TV antenna, but you if you have cable, just connect it to the iMep. DVD movies looked good onscreen, and you can use the included remote control to navigate through the DVD menus.


Naturally, we’re most concerned with the iPod speaker. Videos from docked iPod classics, nanos, or touches don’t play on the iMep’s 7-inch LCD. It’s not really the iMep’s fault. Apple changed the way the video-out feature works on the newest iPods. Pop in a fifth-generation iPod, and it’s all good—5G iPod videos play without a hitch. You could buy the $49 Apple Composite AV Cable to connect your newer iPod, because the iMep has a composite video-in port, as well as an optical-in port, connectors for an antenna and a coaxial cable, and two sets of audio-out ports.


You can play music from any dockable iPod (even the new ones) through the iMep dock just fine. The audio is clear but feels clipped at the ends—the highs don’t sound complete, and the bass doesn’t have much response.


The carrying handle is comfortable, but you can’t carry the iMep with an iPod docked in it, because the handle knocks against the iPod. The iMep comes with a power adapter, or you can load it up with eight D batteries. How long the batteries last depends on the type you use (go for alkaline or rechargeable) and what you do with the iMep. Video requires much more power than playing just audio.


The bottom line. The iMep is a nice size for carrying as well as for tight quarters where space is at a premium. Its use is limited with the current iPod generation, but we especially like using it with the 5G iPod.


COMPANY: Dockable iPod, 8 D batteries (optional)


PRICE: $299.99

REQUIREMENTS: Dockable iPod, 8 D batteries (optional)

Lots of media devices in a small package. Lots of input ports. Good size.

Can’t play iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod touch videos on LCD. Weak bass. Disappointing TV antenna reception.





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