Boynq iCube II

Boynq iCube II

At just under 4 inches on all sides, the iCube fits nearly anywhere—as long as there’s AC power nearby.


Boynq offers the iCube II (and another iPod speaker, the Sabre) in both black-and-chrome “Pour Homme” and lavender-and-white “Pour Femme” versions. While “Pour Femme” is one glitter unicorn sticker away from being “Pour 9-Year-Old Girl,” the black-and-chrome version is attractive enough for a desktop, bedroom, or kitchen.


The 3.9-by-3.9-by-3.9-inch iCube features two 5-watt speakers, an iPod dock on the top, a lighted power/volume dial, and treble and bass controls. It connects to your Mac for syncing your iPod, thanks to the 30-pin dock port. And the line-out port lets you play the iPod’s music through your home stereo, using the iCube as a dock. You can attach other devices via the audio-in port. There’s no battery option, but the iCube charges docked iPods.


The iCube’s sound can fill a medium-size room—turning it all the way up introduces distortion, but it sounds respectable for its size and price point.


The bottom line. A remote would be nice, or a way to use batteries. But in the kids’ room or the office, the iCube II fits in and sounds decent.




PRICE: $69.99


Small footprint. Bass and treble controls. Line-out and syncing. Line-in for other players. Can be found for closer to $40 online.

No remote control.




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