Bubble Bash

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Bubble Bash


Great game mechanics inspire decades of imitators, and Bubble Bash for the iPod clearly follows Bust-a Move. You might also remember the basic idea as remixed in Snood and many others: erase on-screen bubbles by firing new ones, matching three or more of the same color. Using a light touch to aim with the click wheel, Bubble Bash pulls off this core gameplay, adding a few of its own flourishes.


Already-done game modes, where new rows of bubbles drop down from the ceiling are joined by others, like levels with bubbles suspended by balloons. These hanging clumps sink with more weight, drift when hit from the side, and otherwise react to your moves. And instead of trying to clear them all, you just need to sever the bubble attached to the balloon string. Further embellishments include different bubble types: bombs destroy neighbors, frozen bubbles shatter regardless of color, and more. Some of those get confusing—like remembering several types of bombs—but they generally work to hold players’ interest.


The bottom line. Game-mode extras give Bubble Bash its own take on an established genre



COMPANY: Gameloft

CONTACT: www.gameloft.com

PRICE: $4.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic, or iPod Video (5th generation)

Finds its own style in well-established genre. Core gameplay is fun. Clean, clear graphics. 100 levels last a while.

Forgettable island jungle setting. Core gameplay can grow repetitive, especially for those who played similar classics. Anti-climactic, repetitive boss levels.





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As well as typically cute Japanese animation (the characters from Bubble Bobble operate the cannon) and music, the game's mechanics and level design were beautifully balanced, and the game was terrifically successful at the arcades, spawning several sequels.
One or two players can play the game. In the single-player puzzle game, the goal is simply to clear the arena of bubbles. The two player game pits two players against each other.

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