Build Killer Charts

Build Killer Charts


Step 4: Chart by the Books


If you have a specific hierarchy or progression in mind for your chart, press the Utilities button and dig into the Outliner. With this method, you simply add your first Topic (click the plus sign) and use the Action menu (click the gear icon) to add topics designated Child, Sibling, Spouse, Aunt, and Parent (sorry, no kissin' cousins - and, yes, these wacky relationship terms mean pretty much what you'd expect). OmniGraffle adds the appropriate connectors automatically. You can still drag the topics and connectors around the window, but using Outline has a hidden bonus: Open the Canvas Inspector's Diagram Layout section (Shift-Command-L) and impose a structure on your chart (if you've nudged things around, this'll set them straight), or pick an entirely different layout. When you click Lay Out Now, OmniGraffle will snap your chart's items into perfect position.


You can go the other route and enforce strict parent-child relationships on your chartees.




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Deborah Desmone

How cool would it be for you to offer a PDF download option for your How-To's , then we could have our own little library of HowTo's that are relevant to us without having to wade through the entire site. It's an easier way of not having to keep or scan every paper issue. What a time & clutter saver! We could enjoy our mag and then go to the site and collect the bits we want to keep and then recycle the magazine! Whoo-hoo!

This could apply to your larger articles, too. For instance, when you run your annual Clean-Up-Your-Mac, spring cleaning type of articles. Etc, etc, etc.....

Love your magazine! Y'all are the best of the bunch.


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