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We don't know about you, but we’re a bit tired of all the Apple-options brouhaha -- with the Expo mere days away, we're more interested in rumors of impending product announcements. For example, there's Amazon jumping the gun with placeholder pages for iLife '07 and iWork '07. Then there's's roundup of "rejected/unconfirmed rumors" and AppleInsider's discussion of the already long-discussed "new iPod, iTV and iPhone." A long-time-now-ex Apple bigwig says that a tablet Mac is probably a no-go -- but Other World Computing seems to be planning to fill that gap. We all know that Leopard is on the way, and Apple Matters reminds us of what we can expect and what's still speculation. There's also some non-Apple speculation in the news, such as the rumors that Adobe is planning to bring Premier back to Mac (is this why Apple's offering rebates for Final Cut Express HD?). Finally, we peer farther into the future, with news that Samsung has announced double-sided LCDs, SanDisk has revealed a 32GB Solid State Disk (aka SSD), and the development of roll-up displays is heating up. To wrap up today's rumorfest, remember that the Expo is not the only big event on the horizon -- yes, rumors also abound about what will be revealed at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES).



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