Can I make a screen saver out of my own video?

Can I make a screen saver out of my own video?

Mac OS X's default screen savers are nice enough, but nothing says customized like a screen saver made from a home movie. A handy, free little app from White Box called Save Hollywood bridges the gap between QuickTime and OS X. And it isn't limited to home movies alone: You can select any QuickTime-friendly video file or Flash animation. As an added bonus, Save Hollywood will play QuickTime files full screen, even if you don't have QuickTime Pro.

1. Into the Editing Room

Shoot your video footage, import it into iMovie, and edit it as you normally would. When it's finished, export it as any QuickTime-friendly format, and save the file someplace handy.


Okay, so it's not Citizen Kane - but it is your own artistry. 

2. Schedule the Premier


Install Save Hollywood by dragging the SaveHollywood.saver file to /user name/Library/Screen Savers. Once it's there, open System Preferences' Desktop & Screen Saver pane, click the Screen Saver tab, and select Save Hollywood from the list. Finally, click Options and then drag your movie file into the box at the top. The next time your screen saver activates, the movie will play.

Don't forget to check "Sized to fill screen" to enjoy a full-screen presentation.



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