Can Spam For Good

Can Spam For Good

6. Add Names You Trust to Your Address Book


The only thing more annoying than seeing junk messages in your inbox is losing genuine messages in your Junk folder. The easiest way to keep your business contacts and family members safe is to add their email addresses to the Address Book. Spam filters automatically treat your contacts as trusted senders. When viewing a message in Apple Mail, all it takes is a quick Command-Y to add the sender as a contact and spare him or her from your spam filter permanently.


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7. Switch to a Well-Filtered Provider

If training an adaptive mail filter seems like too much work, consider changing your email service. Gmail and Yahoo! Mail both offer aggressive spam filters that eliminate most junk mail before it ever reaches your inbox. Both services also offer free POP access, so you can continue to send and receive messages with Apple Mail.


If you receive email through your own domain name, you don’t even have to change your address to take advantage of these services. Google Apps will handle email for your domain for free. Yahoo! Business Mail will do the same for a single address for $34.95 per year.


If you’re too invested in an old email address to switch providers and completely abandon your current domain, consider auto-forwarding all of your mail through a Gmail or Yahoo account. Both services support POP access, so you can continue to check your messages through Mail. As long as you continue to send messages through your original account, your contacts will never know the difference.


Gmail’s spam filter spared our inbox from 4,165 junk messages in a single month.






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Jeffrey Kiok

Yahoo does not offer free POP access.

You have to purchase their "Plus" mail to free POP access.

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