Can Spam For Good

Can Spam For Good

BONUS TIP: The Antispam Cocktail


After months of experimenting, we achieved the best results eradicating spam using a combination of Gmail and SpamSieve (see tips No. 7 and No. 5, respectively). Transferring the email from our primary domain to Google Apps filtered most of the junk before it ever reached our Mac. Then, a well-trained SpamSieve in Apple Mail easily mopped up the rest.


BONUS TIP: For the DIY Crowd

Server-savvy types who run email out of their own domains can mount a front-line defense with SpamAssassin, an open-source junk-mail filter that installs on mail servers. Installation and setup are not for the faint of heart, but many Web hosts offer it preinstalled in packages that run for less than $10 per month. Learn more at




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Jeffrey Kiok

Yahoo does not offer free POP access.

You have to purchase their "Plus" mail to free POP access.

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