Canon PowerShot G9

Canon PowerShot G9

No need to lug a DSLR to every outing—the PowerShot G9 saves room in your beach bag for more sandwiches.


The PowerShot G9 is a “prosumer” camera, neither fish nor fowl in a world that otherwise clearly defines point-and-shoot versus full DSLR. But in not being clearly one or the other, the G9 winds up delivering many of the best characteristics of both. Its $500 list price is at the high end for point-and-shoots, and adding Canon’s optional lenses pushes it toward DSLR prices, but the price also foreshadows features with a high-end bent.


Unlike its predecessor the G7, the PowerShot G9 can save pictures in RAW format. RAW files are a direct transfer of the image data from the camera’s sensor without any of the post-processing that a camera would normally do to create a JPEG. RAW typically requires a little post-processing on your Mac, but it gives you the power to really bring the best out of each image. Leopard supports the G9’s RAW format natively, so you can check out the files with Quick Look or Preview without having to launch a heftier app like Aperture or Photoshop (both of which also support the G9’s RAW format).


The G9 lets you add additional lenses, a trait normally reserved for DSLRs. Canon offers Tele Converter ($149) and Wide Converter ($199) lenses that work together with the G9’s built-in, nonremovable stock lens. Third-party converter lenses are also available. In our tests, both of the Canon converter lenses delivered what they promised, but because they require relatively careful threading on and off, they aren’t quick-change lenses. External flashes are also supported for even more flexibility.


In addition to the plethora of preconfigured settings and the impressive range of manual configuration options, the G9 has two user-definable configuration sets that allow you to quickly switch to your preferred settings at the twirl of a knob. Another nice touch is the dual time zone feature, which lets you set a separate time stamp for shots when you travel, while keeping your home time zone intact.
The bottom line. For most, a DSLR is too big to lug around all the time. While its many settings and options make it a complex camera to get to know, the G9 gives you high-end features in a compact package.




PRICE: $499.99


Shoots RAW images. Highly configurable. Big features in a small package.





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