Casual Mac Games, Gaming in India, a Chat with Last Day of Work, and More: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

Casual Mac Games, Gaming in India, a Chat with Last Day of Work, and More: A CGA Casual Connect Special Report

India: The new gaming frontier: When thinking about the Asian electronic game scene, you probably don’t think about India. And that’s a pity, says Gameshastra VP of Quality Assurance Jason Wong, because India is ready for a change.


Traditionally, says Wong, young people in India concentrate on helping raise families and in becoming educated. Playing games is anathema to the culture. But in the past decade an emerging middle class has created a group of people with disposable income. These people are interested in exploring how to exploit that income, and some are looking at game playing for entertainment.


Because this middle class is in its infancy, says Wong, their disposable income is still small, and so they are only willing to purchase the cheapest computers and MP3 players available. As that income becomes more pronounced, he predicts that more of these young people, mostly in their early to mid-twenties, will want the geek cred of owning foreign-made products, such as iPods and Macs.


Gameshastra, based in India, offers 3D art production among its different game production services.


Wong also says that there are no Apple stores in India, and few stores that carry Apple products. He believes this is a problem from two sides, because there is currently not enough demand for Apple products and because India has fallen through the cracks of Apple’s thinking. This is not a surprise, Wong says, as most everyone has let India fall off of the radar. But he believes that won’t last for much longer.


Already, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 has been released in India. And Wong feels that within the next five years there will be an explosion of demand for more entertainment products.


Gameshastra, the only company providing game services and game development outsourcing services in India, has also seen a substantial increase in the number of talented Indian engineers flocking to their company from all over India, wanting to develop games. Some of them have never even played games, says Wong, and yet they are still very interested in exercising their creative potential. Soon, these talented young Indians may be exploring their creativity with a Mac.


Google does games: Google announced their AdSense for Games program. Google will partner with developers and publishers to provide relevant, in-game advertising that will be viewed while playing games. Google will target Flash-based Web games first, but will later move to Windows, Mac, Linux, and console games as well.


Developers can create white or black-listed advertising and refine to provide targeted advertising. Revenue return will be impression-based, rather than click-based.


We spoke with Google about how they would be targeting their advertising for games, and they stated that they would work personally with developers and publishers to refine their advertising for each site and each game. However, the Google folks seemed to honestly not know how to communicate their intent to the game developers at the event, and many developers left feeling very confused, and even a little irritated.


D. Omaha Sternberg is the producer and host of the iGame Radio podcast.




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Yeah its true that publishers look at only porting the best selling games to the Mac platform. Hope the dearth of Quality games on Mac will soon come to an end. We have the EA which is bringing around 5-6 games to the Mac.

We also have Robosoft Technologies, a game porting company based out of India. They are working extensively with Feral and are involved in porting the best selling games including "The Movies' to the Mac.

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