Cheap iPhones Overseas, WWDC Tidbits, iSight HD, and More

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Cheap iPhones Overseas, WWDC Tidbits, iSight HD, and More



iPhone Zone: Only 24 days until the iPhone 3G comes out. For the low, low price of 1 Euro in Germany and zilch in the U.K. -- here's how those deals stack up against what we'll pay in the U.S. Depending on whom you believe, developers are either gaga for the iPhone or more loyal to the open-source Android OS being developed by Google. Still confused about activation? You're not alone -- here's what AppleInsider has been able to figure out. Speaking of confusion, AT&T's iPhone 3G website is saying the iPhone 3G's download speed will be "up to 1.4Mbps." But shouldn't it go faster, say 3.8Mbps or even 7Mbps plus?


Snow Leopard: Roughly Drafted has more on the "myth" that Apple is halting PowerPC support, pointing out that Leopard will likely continue to be updated once the new cat is out, and Apple could always sell Exchange-enabled Universal Binary versions of Mail, iCal, and Address Book to Leopard-using PowerPC owners. Here's a poll as to whether an Intel-only Snow Leopard would affect you, and another already-completed poll saying that PowerPC owners still want to use Snow Leopard, gosh darn it.


WWDC: Show's over, but we'll always have the memories. And of course, the light of knowledge: A session at WWDC has revealed SproutCore, which is an open-source Cocoa-inspired JavaScript framework for developing Web apps, to be the secret sauce behind the .Mac Web Galleries, among other desktop-worthy online apps. Plus, Adobe and Apple are working together to bring the Standard Widget Toolkit to Cocoa. If you have no idea what that means, you're probably not a Mac developer.


And finally: Some smart person who apparently reads system files for the heck of it came across references to a "next-generation USB iSight" and "iSight HD" in the QuickTime system files. Hmm, interesting. Even more interesting, is this the VW iCar? If you miss your Mac on vacation, stay at a Fontainebleau Resort: They're putting iMacs in the hotel rooms. Here's a cool interview with the guy who caught a MacBook thief with Back To My Mac. As if first- and business-class passengers didn't have it good enough, United will soon let them charge their iPods in flight (good for them). And because children are the future, meet the Apple-birthmarked baby, here to save us all.



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