Cheap Memory

Cheap Memory

You can either use Crucial’s System Scanner tool or Memory Advisor tool to help you find the right memory upgrades for your computer.


I recently purchased a 13-inch MacBook with 1GB of RAM. I found that I could purchase 4GB of RAM online for around $125. Would it be easy and worthwhile to upgrade my machine?


Absolutely. We recommend putting as much RAM as possible into your Mac for the best system performance. Purchasing extra RAM is one of the best investments that you can make for your machine, and it’s incredibly easy to install on all Mac models (except the MacBook Air, which you can’t install more RAM in, and the Mac mini, which you can upgrade but only after prying the case open with a putty knife).
The manual that came with your machine can give you step-by-step instructions on how to install the memory.


To get more RAM, check out Crucial (, Other World Computing (, Ramjet (, Corsair (, and Buffalo (




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This looks like a really useful program, although it would be even better if it helped located cheap electronics options as well as top market (but more expensive) products, which I imagine it will often do.



thank you


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I think it is much better to buy MACbook with enought memory for you.
But cheap memory is a good choise.
cool article



With the MacBook, Apple has corrected a handful of the iBook's shortcomings, hit a reasonable price point, and delivered a laptop that makes a great compromise between size and portability.



I have a MacBook model MA700LL/A. The Apple site says the max ram supported is 2 GB but ive heard that for some MacBooks its actually 3GB. Does anyone know if this is true?



I am considering purchasing a MacBook Pro from and I heard about adding memory by buying it cheaper but my only concern is How do I install it? or could I have someone else install it? Who could do that?


David P

I've used Crucial memory to upgrade my G5 iMac and more recently my Intel MacBook. For the Macbook I got 2 gigs for just over $50 with 3 day shipping. Compare that to $300 plus tax from Apple. Crucial is made by Micron which supplies Apple with their chips. The only difference is Apple's RAM sticks are blue and Crucial (and other generic ones) are green. That really doesn't make a difference since the only time you actually see them is when they're being installed.



I advise sticking with the vendors in the article - Macs can be very finicky with RAM, and a stick that doesn't measure up can cause your OS to deteriorate and even become unusable...



(1) "As much RAM as possible" may verge on the ridiculous in the case of the Mac Pro. The way things are going, I'm sure we will soon all need 32GB of RAM just to run a text editor. But we're not there yet ...

(2) Do NOT buy your extra RAM from Apple itself. Their mark-up on memory is obscene. Any of the suppliers mentioned in the article will sell you the same chips, from the same factory, at substantial discounts.



1) Upgrading the RAM in an Intel Mac mini may void your warranty, as it is NOT considered a user upgradable part.

2) I recommend, as their value RAM tends to be the cheapest I can find with a lifetime warranty.

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