Cheaper French iPhone, PayPal Goes After Safari and The Future of Hulu

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Cheaper French iPhone, PayPal Goes After Safari and The Future of Hulu


Orange and Apple to retreat on pricey French iPhone: Apple and French Mobile carrier, Orange are reportedly in discussions to lower the price of the iPhone in that country. The French iPhone's sales have been disappointing and they may have something to do with its insane price, €399 ($635).


Meanwhile on the other side of the Chunnel: iPhones are flying off UK shelves after a recent price drop. According to a HardMac reader, 3750 iPhones were sold in a single day, instead of the usual 200, after the price reduction.


PayPal may ban Safari: PayPal is targeting browsers without anti-phishing technology for a ban. Safari is on the list of browsers that may get denied by the internet payment giant.


Apple adjusts windows Safari push: After sneaking Safari into the latest Quicktime/iTunes update on Windows, Apple is adjusting its Safari on Windows tactics. Safari will now be listed as "new" software for Windows users who haven't already downloaded the browser.


Hulu on mobile devices: Hulu CEO Jason Kilar stated at NAB that the online video streaming service is likely to expand its service to anything connected to the internet, including cell phones. Whether or not the service comes to the iPhone is up to debate considering the rocky relationship between Apple and Universal.


WinPwn for the dark side: Believe it or not, some iPhone owners still use Windows machines. I know, we're just as surprised as you are. Well, for those folks the WinPwn beta is now available. Use caution, this beta is still a little buggy. But of course, you're kind of used to that. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.




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Has anyone else noticed the push for these extended certificates is coming from mozzila? A look at the ca forum members turns up three browser mfg.
One is mozilla, one is opera and last but not least is Microsoft. This is at least the third article pushing the ban safari idea over this lack of phishing security, this is an organized campaign. Has anyone seen the browser number for windows pc's?? I think someone is trying to stop safari thru collusion between browser makers and web sellers (anti trust anyone?).



The only shipping browser that supports EV certs is IE7. It's in the Firefox 3 betas and Opera says it will be supported in a future release. The thing that bugs me about EV certs is that it's basically just the registrars charging a bunch of money to do what they're supposed to be doing with regular SSL certs in the first place.



Totally agree.

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