China iPhone, Intel Launches Penryn and Japan Loves Apple

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China iPhone, Intel Launches Penryn and Japan Loves Apple


Little China iPhone: China Mobile Ltd. is in talks to bring the iPhone to China. Apple is reportedly planning to bring the device to Asia in 2008. Finally, Apple will be able to compete with all those iPhone clones.


Intel launches new chips: Intel released Penryn chips yesterday. It is the first chip to utilize the 45-nanmoeter process and is expected to deliver a 40% to 60% improvement in video and imaging performance. New Mac Pro towers are rumored to be ready to go when the chips become available.


Land of the rising Apple: The OS X market share in Japan is 53.9%. Imagine all the robots being controlled by Macs. It must be nirvana.


Don't believe the hype: Peter Erskine, CEO of O2, is slowing down the iPhone party train by shooting down overblown sales figures published by the British tabloids.


Time Machine and network drive: If you're a little peeved about not being able to backup your machine to a wireless network drive it might be because of security concerns.


Adobe CEO steps down: Adobe CEO, Bruce Chizen, is stepping down as the head of the company. He will be replaced by current president and COO Shantanu Narayen December 1st.


Leopard List: TidBits compiled a nice list of programs that are Leopard compatible.


And finally: Even the Sith need love.



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