Chromac iMac Cases

Chromac iMac Cases

White iMacs are out. But we’re not sure this is the way to make over your iMac.


Chromac iMac cases are aluminum cases you can slip over your 17-, 20-, or 24-inch white Intel Core 2 Duo iMac. Why would you want an iMac case in the first place? Because white is just so….plain. Even Apple ditched the white case with its latest iMac. Chromac cases come in 11 different styles, from the colors and paint jobs you can see in the picture above, to metallic finishes such as chrome or 24-carat gold.


Now, here’s the catch: Be prepared to drop some serious dollars for a Chromac case. We’re talking between $400 and $700. Oh, we know what you’re thinking. “That’s nearly half the price of the new entry-level iMac.” Yup, you’re right.


You’re also probably thinking, “Why so much? Why so damn much?” Well, because, according to Chromac’s Web site, the cases are created by “the world's most elite metalworkers and custom craftsmen” and that the cases are made of, “the same high quality materials and finishes found in Gulfstream jets and luxury automobiles, like Bentley and Lamborghini.”


The pair of Chromac cases we looked at were sturdy and the paint jobs were nice and glossy. Thanks to our hamhandedness, however, we chipped the paint on the rear of one of the cases, just a tiny bit. We probably moved the cases more than they were meant to be moved. You’d usually slip a Chromac case on and forget it. Still, Bentley and Lamborghini certainly don’t come to mind when you stare at a Chromac-adorned iMac.


The bottom line. If the price tag doesn’t faze you at all, then good for you - you obviously have nothing better to do with your cash.


COMPANY: Chromac


PRICE: $399 or $599 (17-inch white iMac), $499 or $699 (20- or 24-inch white iMac)

REQUIREMENTS: white Intel Core 2 Duo iMac

Nice colors.

Waaaaaay too expensive.





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Ewwww, they couldn't even bother to round off the edges?
And is it me or is the paint on the right top corner of the blue flame model coming off?

And the price! Lame, just lame.



those are the most horrid things i have ever seen!! it turns an elegant imac into a box!!! UUUUUHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


Partners in Grime

How many have they sold at that price?

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