Chronos iScrapbook

Chronos iScrapbook

iScrapbook lets you use images from your iPhoto library to dress up the various templates.


What’s a scrapbook for? Photos, bits of paper, flowers, maybe recipes. But Chronos, the maker of iScrapbook, has a different idea in mind - one that centers around photographs.


iScrapbook resembles iPhoto’s photo album creation service: You start by creating an album, then slowly build pages using the included templates or those downloaded from Each template contains photo frames, and you add images from your iPhoto library with the built-in browser or via drag-and-drop. Then you use the sliders in iScrapbook’s Smart Inspector to control brightness, hue, saturation, and more.


You can also rotate the photos, change borders, add drop shadows, make the shadows transparent, and apply effects such as vignettes, sepias, and spot photos. You can also add text and shapes, apply color gradients, and add different corners to the photos. iScrapbook also comes with Chronos’s SOHO Art Pack, a collection of 40,000 photos, photo objects, and vector clip-art graphics. The app’s layout tools let you group objects and change their positions relative to one another in the current layer - yes, iScrapbook even has layers, like professional desktop-publishing apps.


If you’re impressed with your own page design, you can upload it and share it on the iScrapbookWorld website. And once you finish a scrapbook, you can print it at home or convert it to image files or a PDF that you can give to others. You should be able to send it to an online printing service, but Chronos doesn’t offer this, nor does it refer you to one. But if you find one, you can send your PDF complete with crop marks and other print-shop markings, thanks to the extensive print options.


iScrapbook does miss an opportunity with PDFs, however. PDF files can store annotations, videos, and sound, and iScrapbook lures you into thinking that you can use movies in your scrapbook, since the iPhoto browser displays the movies stored in your iPhoto library. But movies and sound files are not supported.


As an alternative to iPhoto for creating photo albums, iScrapbook isn’t quite there. Without the fully automated online album-creation service of iPhoto, creating a physical photo album isn’t easy. The app will let you create a basic album if you have a good inkjet printer and can find a binding service.


The bottom line. iScrapbook’s inability to store anything except images limits its use as a true multimedia scrapbook program. Nevertheless, iScrapbook is an impressive way to create attractive digital photo albums.


COMPANY: Chronos

PRICE: $49.99

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later, 4GB disk space
Excellent layout and design tools. Extensive clip art library. iPhoto integration. Community for sharing designs. Universal binary.
Can’t include multimedia files. Online community lacks participants.





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