Updated: ChronoSync 3.3.5

Updated: ChronoSync 3.3.5

ChronoSync is an easy-to-use data management tool that allows you to efficiently synchronize files and folders from one disk location to another. Using the document-based interface, you can easily identify a group of files, specify a destination, then schedule the action to occur as often as necessary.


Perform trial syncs and compare files so you always know the status of every file. Filter out specific files and folders using rules and exclusions. Archive deleted files in case you need to restore an older version.


ChronoSync monitors the state of all your files so it only copies files that have been changed, keeping your synchronization time to a minimum. Whether you are doing a simple backup or complex synchronization, ChronoSync is flexible enough to handle it.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.2 or later


To download a demo of ChronoSync 3.3.5 (4.9MB), click here.




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excellent software for my use. iMac & Mini at office, travel with MBPro. Keeps everything n'sync

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