Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

NoteBook indexes all of your content for easy searching.


Other perks: NoteBook does voice annotations, so if you take notes while recording, you can start playback from any new bullet point. The app also comes with numerous templates (recipes, research papers, trial prep, and more), and you can save notebooks as PDFs or export them to the Web.


A few little things bugged us, though. You can’t drag and drop to change the order of tabs; instead, you have to reshuffle things through the Contents or divider pages. If you’re in a cell and you select a picture and then press Delete, it erases the whole cell rather than just the photo; and if you have multiple pictures in a cell, you can only get the text to wrap around one. The pages have dog-eared corners: Clicking the fold flips the page, but to go back, you have to click to the right of the fold (trust us, it’s not obvious).


The bottom line. NoteBook is a great way to organize projects, papers, vacation research, and anything that requires managing information from multiple sources. If you can live with a few minor quirks and the time it takes to get organized in the first place, this is a fabulously straightforward way to do it.


COMPANY: Circus Ponies


PRICE: $49.95 standard license, $29.95 academic license, $99.95 family pack license

REQUIREMENTS: G3 or later or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, 256MB RAM

Creates automatic outlines. Stores photos and documents. Lets you clip content from webpages. Universal binary.

Some unintuitive controls and interface issues. Clippings don’t work with certain apps. A few crashes.





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Jeff Allen

It seems that circus ponies have disappeared. The website is non existent. When I try to connect to purchase a license it will not connect. When I found a number for their press site no one answered, nor did it go to an answering machine. What gives. Nice app but I don't want to purchase something if they aren't available to support it.



Circus Ponies is/was alive and well. Maybe there was a problem with your ISP?



Actually, there is an error in this review. You CAN enable page flipping backwards and forwards easily through the preferences page for Notebook -- you can set the turned flip dogear to go forward or backward, and you can set the opening next to it to flip forward or backward.

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