Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

If you’re going crazy saving bookmarks or copying and pasting Web research into Word docs, NoteBook will help keep you sane.


It may be the information age, but have you figured out what to do with all that information - scattered emails, sticky notes, browser bookmarks, desktop documents, and even random slips of paper? With NoteBook, you can file that information in one place using a familiar interface: the spiral notebook.


NoteBook is a digital organizer for recording notes, storing files, creating to-dos, and clipping bits of text from emails or webpages, all of which can be organized into sections using tabbed divider pages. Notebooks can include several types of pages, such as plain note-taking pages and an Outlining Page that organizes everything hierarchically, creating new bullet points when you press Return and nesting information under disclosure triangles. You can drag and drop bullet points to change the hierarchy, and you can drag in any file you want to store there, such as photos or Word docs. (Pictures can be scaled, tilted, or adorned with photo corners.) If you want to create to-do items, you can add checkboxes and due dates to any line.


NoteBook can also save clippings, which is crazy useful for Web research. Simply highlight some content in the Safari browser, then use either the Safari > Services or the contextual menu to save that snippet to any clippings-enabled page in your notebook. NoteBook will automatically grab that content, along with the URL, complete with a scissor-snipping sound. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with apps that don’t support the Services menu or contextual menu plug-ins, such as Entourage and Firefox.


Each notebook entry has annotations, information that helps you search for content. For example, there are annotations for creation dates, due dates, and keywords (such as attachment, image, or clipped). NoteBook automatically creates an index for each type of annotation, as well as for things like major words, attachments, and all URLs in the document (grouped by domain name). You can use these indexes to locate something specific, or employ the Super-Find function for searches involving multiple criteria.





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Jeff Allen

It seems that circus ponies have disappeared. The website is non existent. When I try to connect to purchase a license it will not connect. When I found a number for their press site no one answered, nor did it go to an answering machine. What gives. Nice app but I don't want to purchase something if they aren't available to support it.



Circus Ponies is/was alive and well. Maybe there was a problem with your ISP?



Actually, there is an error in this review. You CAN enable page flipping backwards and forwards easily through the preferences page for Notebook -- you can set the turned flip dogear to go forward or backward, and you can set the opening next to it to flip forward or backward.

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