Clamshell iPhone, Airport Express Updated and California Wants Your iTunes Tax Dollars

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Clamshell iPhone, Airport Express Updated and California Wants Your iTunes Tax Dollars


Flip iPhone: Unwired View discovered a recent Apple patent filing for an iPhone clamshell phone. The application describes a "dual sided trackpad." The cover would be usable as a trackpad with the iPhone open or closed. If this is iPhone 2.0, expect Star Trek Tricorder skins of the OS almost immediately.


Airport Express, now with 100% more n: Apple has updated its Aport Express base station to harness the power of 802.11n. Stream those iTunes faster and from further away.


Windows Mobile to get Flash: Microsoft has signed an agreement to include Flash on its Windows Mobile platform.


BBC iPlayer fixed, then hacked: A developer in the UK has already hacked the BBC iPlayer software to work on Macs and Linux machines. The game is now afoot.


iPhone game news: Gameloft is promising 15 iPhone games in 2008. We're guessing that means they didn't receive a developer rejection letter from Apple.


SDK for suckers: Developer Zac Bowling has some issues with the iPhone SDK. He calls the developer program's restrictions a joke. He might have gotten one of those rejection letters.


Taxing iTunes: The California budget crisis has Assemblyman Charles Calderon, (D-Whittier) pushing legislation to tax iTunes downloads.




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Residents of Washington state already get taxed for each item they buy on iTunes.



We also get taxed in Texas



come down to mexico, i own 4000 songs borrowed from friends original music cds (free of course) also office cost around 2 dollars (i mean u got to pay for the cd and the energy consumed by the cd burner)

also mexican laws says that if u copy software and use it with a non profit purpouse, its legal.

sadly macs are very expensive here due to dollar - peso parity, thanks to god the usa economy is going down and our mexican oil is going up



CA residents pay sales tax on iTunes Store purchases already. Any further tax is nonsense.



So I actually read the article, and it states that CA residents do NOT pay sales tax on iTunes downloads because sales taxes are prohibited on intangible goods. Which is it? (Sorry, I don't live there)

And this article was only about sales/use taxes and not an extra tax on top of that, so they are not completely insane on the left coast.

Finally, there is no way that (contrary to the article) this would fall under use tax laws. I have this funny feeling that Apple has a nexus in CA and so sales taxes for CA residents would apply.



The actual patent was for a double-sided touchscreen, which could - according to the patent - pop up in a notebook computer as well. With the touchscreen technology advancing this fast, I think pretty soon they will make their entire computer product lines touchscreen! Let's just hope they enable stylus usage...

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