Apple Rumor Roundup: New Line of MacBooks on the Horizon, iPhone 5 with LTE, and a 7-inch iPad



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As long as there is a USB port and a Thunderbolt port, what's the big deal with no ethernet on a Macbook? There are adapters for those users that prefer a hardwired LAN port. Furthermore, even though the storage on the Macbook Air is smaller than a Macbook Pro, DJs/Photographers, and other power users still often use external hard drives because they want more than a Terabyte of hard disk space anyways...



I'll be very curious to see what they do with the Macbook line. I really, really, really hope they don't nix the MacBook Pro. Don't get me wrong, the Air is stunning, but seriously under-powered, mainly on the storage front, for music creation. The lack of an optical drive, isn't a real kicker. Even the lack of Ethernet may not be as big a deal breaker as many think, but lack of storage is. I looooove my MacBook Pro 13". It strikes a happy balance between portability, price and power with an OS designed for content creation. That's why many musicians choose either the 13" or 15". I guess the only thing to do is wait for the "One More Thing". I doubt Apple would leave content creators, it's biggest (and most religious following) out in the cold.






Has anyone considered that maybe:

1. The next iPhone is actually the sixth generation (4S was fifth generation), and will probably just be called the new iPhone?

2. Apple (Steve Jobs?) said that a 7-inch screen was too small, but maybe a 7.68-inch screen is just right? LOL They also said that an iPod screen was too small for video, and then the iPod Nano with video came out. Oh, and it also had a camera!

3. Also, instead of a smaller iPad, the 7.68-inch device could actually be a larger iPod with 960 x 640 pixels? Or maybe the 7.68-inch iPad would have the resolution of the iPad 2 (1024 x 768)? Surely they won't be able to squeeze the pixel density of the new iPad (3rd Gen) into a 7.68-inch touch screen?

Either way, it would be smart of Apple to compete with the screen size of the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, hopefully bringing the price of the 7.68-inch iPad down to $299, or something like that. The existing iPod Touch is too small to compete, and even a 4.6-inch iPod Touch would still be too small to compete with the popular 7-inch devices. Apple needs a mid-size portable device.



I agree with GEODUCK. If Apple wants us to use these macs for business removing an ethernet port is not a step in the right direction. Point might be moot if they offer a connector.



that the new MacBooks will have the optical display like the new iPads? Has anyone else heard that?




According to Boy Genius Report, along with 4G connectivity, the next iteration of the smartphone will also feature a faster processor and a *****larger display*****.

Smaller iPad? really?



It's been a rough few weeks. I'm holding out for an updated 15" MacBook whatevertheywantotcallit but they've been discounting old stock and refurb units a LOT. There's been some fantastic deals that are hard to resist. I saw a 15" MacBook Pro (Oct 2011) for $1860. Really hard to not go for the credit card for that.

EDIT: Today I saw a 17" Quad Core i7 MacBook Pro for $1829. M..m..m..must w..w..w..wait....

OTOH these discounts tell men that Apple may be trying to clear the shelves prior to a big release.

As far as the new ones, I don't care if they drop the optical drive. I haven't used the one on either of our MacBooks in a long time. At work I don't even have it connected, I'm using the IDE line for a second HD. The Ethernet port would be more of a concern. I don't use it much but when I do I really need a hardwired connection.



I see no iPad or iPhone change in a while. The iPhone 4S just came out and Apple did say that a 7 inch screen is too small for a tablet. The chances of them going back on their word are 1,000,000,000:1.

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