Best Case Scenario: iPad 2 Cases Part Deux



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I am very disappointed with the Octavo case, but more so with Pad and Quill themselves. I have contacted 3 different times about a problem I am having with the case, and they have yet to reply. The cover on mine is warped slightly so that even when closed, the magnet causes the iPad2 on/off sensor to activate and deactivate continuously. The magnet also interferes with gameplay when the case is opened all the way back, turning the iPad2 off in the middle of an Angry Bird's flight is frustrating. The company admits that this fault sometimes happens and even jokingly say on their website that they have included that feature at no extra charge. When you pay $60 for a case plus an additional $10 to ship it, quality control should be guaranteed. I am really disappointed because the case looks nice and is convenient to carry the iPad2, but as it is it is not practical to use the case when the iPad2 is in actual use. I have tried to contact them through their website and through email, but have not received a reply. I know I can return within 7 days, but I would have to pay shipping and where the defect is their fault, I should not have to pay. The case also makes the iPad2 weigh twice as much and its width also can get in the way of functions.



Hi Don in Baltimore,

Have a look at The Joy Factory. They will soon release a smoke and clear colored hard shell backing that will work with the Apple Smartcover.

MacLife, can you guys try to include their hardshell case in your next issue of Best Case Scenario, please?




Hi Flo!

Have you seen any covers that would protect the back of the iPad 2 while still using my nice black leather Smart Cover?

Don in Baltimore



'Best Case Scenario'? Does Jay Leno write your titles?

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