Best Case Scenario: Smart Cases for your Smart Cover



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i just can't seem to stand the idea of covering up the back (as it covers the apple logo) i wish they'd make a forcefield case!



I have the Incipio Smart Cover "case" in orange and frost. LOVE them - they work (and coordinate) perfectly with the smart covers. Plus Incipio's speed in processing orders and delivering quickly is unparalleled in my experience as a click-click-ship kind of girl. (Kudos, Incipio.) Enthusiastically recommended.



This has been a problem for me since I put a case on my 1st iPhone. From that point on, you can forget about Apple docks, cradles, and most other iPhone specific aftermarket products.

I don't have an iPad 2, just the original, so this isn't a big deal to me but it is a step in the right direction! And, my best friend @dillowrl (on Twitter) will LOVE this product!

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