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Don't get this whole fascination with the Cloud thing - be it Apple or whoever.

While I admit I have some docs and other items backed up to 'out there', they are neither vital nor do they contain any private information. I have no interest in having a 'dumb' handheld or terminal accessing software or stored info that is only functional thru my internet or wi-fi connections - at no cost to the hardware/software provider to access their mainframe - to get to my stuff.

Rather loses the point behind what was meant to be the benefit of 'personal computing' if all we're left with is a terminal accessing a distant mainframe - and the vagaries that connection (and security) may offer.

What's next for Apple when they offer iCloud? Provide users with a phone receiver modem and dot matrix printer? Doubtless Jobs could get the faithful to buy into them - as 'insanely retro cool'.

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