Does it Even Matter What the iPhone Looks Like Anymore?



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Howard Brazee

I agree with spam filtering being any phone's #1 need. This should be part of smart phone call (and texting) processing that also holds any but the highest priority calls from getting through while I'm driving or in a business meeting.

The fingerprint sensor will mean my wife and I will be able to use "Find My Friends", without having to either unlock our phones every time we use them, or unlock that application with our iCloud password every time we use that app.

My question though is: Does the extra speed matter? Will it persuade people to trade up?



There's only 2 things I want my iPhone to do that it doesn't do already. Just 2 things:
1. Filter spam from the Mail app. Why can it not do this yet!?!
2. I'd like to fold it in half like my old Motorola Razor. Then when I open it, there is no seam where I folded it. A bendable, flexible iPhone.


Michael Simon

Definitely agree on the first point. It's crazy that Mail can't do that yet--especially since there's a junk folder. Not so sure about the folding iPhone, tho. I've always liked candybar handsets, even before the iPhone.

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