Flat Chance: Concept Designer Takes iOS 7 Rumors to Beautiful Extremes



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Looks painfully like a themed Windows phone.



Looks amazing, hope the actual release is literally very similar. Love the flat UI look, this "widget" idea is fantastic. Most likely will be lack luster in comparison though.



I think, this ios look like android home theme :-)
Very nice post..

Look us: go2pear.com



Those colors are not nice to look at. And I want all my icons on the main screen. Not only 2 rows of them and then make me have to look around for all the other apps I have. I am a folder user.
With all the concepts for the next iOS floating around it'll be a wonder if Apple will be able to release it at all without fear of being sued by some lowly designer who thinks he's awesome because he designed some stupid concept for an interface.

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