Free App Friday: 10 Years of the iPod



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The 256MB Creative Muvo TX FM is still the MP3 player I use all the time - especially at the gym. I feel so cool strapping on that neat little white box and rowing away. It has held up fine for 9 or 10 years now, and I even ordered a second one a few years ago just in case... It still sits in the box, waiting. I do have an ipod touch, but why would I use it at the gym? How many songs do I need? And why would I risk getting it covered with gym junk? Does anyone know where I can get the original armband holder? I couldn't find that anywhere, and I really could use a new one, or at least one just in case...



Oh the dark days of pre-iPod MP3 My first was the Rave MP: 2200 by Sensory Science. Honestly, I think it was one of the best MP3 players on the market at the time. It had USB, Smart Media, and came with a whole 64MB of onboard memory. I could easily fit an entire music cd if I compressed around 112kbps. I loved that MP3 player and I still have it today, sometimes I'll use it just to see what people say.

My next one was their next model, the Rave MP: 2300. It was one of two players at the time (and I think maybe ever) that used the Iomega Pocket Zip/Click disks. Finally I could carry a bunch of relatively cheap memory since the disks were only $10 a piece. Only problem is, each disk was $40MB and my MP3 player only had 1 slot (I believe the Iomega version had 2 disk slots). And of course, I was too lazy to actually go out and look for the pocket zip disks (since they were discontinued shortly after). Looking back, I didn't think that purchase through, but it was only $150 on

Next I ditched mp3 players and went with a MP3 CD Player. Finally, I could bring a lot of MP3s easily and cheaply wherever I went. This actually worked for quite a while, until I got tired of swapping CDs.

I finally got my first iPod in 2004. It was a used 1st Gen 5GB iPod I got off of eBay for $50. It was definitely a conversation

Next was my 5th Gen iPod. I was one of the first on campus to own one, and everyone wanted to look at

Next was the iPod Touch. I still remember, I returned to my office in the campus center and I opened my Powerbook G4, the screen showed the all new iPod Touch (I had missed the keynote stream). I immediately called my local Apple store. They said it would be a few weeks, but that they were authorized to sell them before the official sale date. I was able to get an 8GB model 3 weeks before it went on sale. I still remember the looks on peoples face when they saw my iPod Touch. No one on campus had one, and many had never even heard of it. I had a friend who wouldn't speak to me because he was so upset that I got one before him.

It's amazing. The MP3 player existed well before the iPod, but it was the iPod that really got the market going. You had so many brands, Creative, Sony, Sensory Science, Diamond, etc. With all those heavy hitters you'd have thought one of those would be top dog, but it was the new guy, Apple that came to



in remembrance of steve jobs the ipod and mac thank you

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