Free App Friday: Attack of the Knock-Offs Pt. 1



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Ken Torimaru

Caw of Doody is a (indie) 3D flight game for iOS where you are the bird.
Join Carrion (Carri) Crow on his adventure to wreak havoc on human kind!



Please don't say "free" if there are "in-app purchases". Thank you.



Hey there.

I totally hear what you're saying, but more often than not, you can generally get a full app experience from games with "in-app purchases." While I haven't completed Bombcats yet, I've marched through a merry chunk of the game without spending a cent of my own money. This is often the case with Chillingo games. Usually I make a point of mentioning this, but I'd say at this point in the iOS ecosystem it's safe to assume people will try to nickle and dime you wherever they can, you just don't have to let them.

In the case of HomeAway and Eat24, well, take the services for what they are, and remember that vacations and food aren't going to be free. That doesn't mean you can't use HomeAway to scope out the prices of where you'd like to travel to based on when you're available for a vacation (what I did) and in the case of Eat24, it's a great way to see the prices and menu of a place, as well as connect directly to Yelp (which depending on who you are may or may not be worthwhile.)

Part of the fun of Free App Friday is trying to switch it up each week, so if you see something that you're not particularly partial to, chances are it'll be completely different in the following column.



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