How Does Apple Even Deal With This Courtroom Nonsense?



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Cote isn't a judge, she is a puppet of the DOJ and should be tossed out. She had Apple guilty before the trial started. And through out the trial she would knock off anything Apple showed in court that obviously showed Apple having no wrong doing. Even witnesses that testified were not even considered. Cote and Brombwich are in cahoots to make big cash and make Apple look bad when nothing was proven in court that Apple did anything wrong.
Now as e-book sales figures show, that when Apple joined the e-book market prices fell to a low of $4.95 a book from a high of 19.95 a book. That's big savings for everyone buying books. If Amazon gets its way everyone will pay $20 plus for e-books because they will have full control.
So this win to stay her puppet friend extortionist from stealing Apple secrets is I hope the first in many appeals wins for Apple. Bromwich doesn't even have any experience or knowledge of doing the monitor job. So he hires another person for an extortionist price an hour to do it for him. Why and how should Apple agree to this because I certainly would not myself. Also Bromwich was trying to interview executives that had nothing to do with the trial or book deal. This whole suit by the DOJ was wrong from the beginning and I can't wait to see the appeals court tear up cote's lousy judgments that were unfounded and slap the DOJ for this whole mess.

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