If You Believe Apple's Building a Hybrid Mac, I have a Surface Pro to Sell You



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There's a few thoughts I have to this:

1.) One of Windows 8 failures stems from the communication between the two different platforms - I'd have to reload my Chrome browser Windows in Windows 8 if I switched from the desktop to Metro. This shouldn't be forced on either the public or on the programmers - If I decide to pull the display to use it as a tablet, I shouldn't have to start over because someone dropped the ball. (Before anyone says it - because I haven't tested it in a while - this may be fixed; I was just giving an example using a common program.) If Apple were to do this, they're already aware of this, and are in a prime position to outdo Microsoft on every level of this.

2.) Microsoft failed on a golden opportunity, because while there are definite advantages to using a tablet and laptop together (I have experience in this), there should be one gigantic advantage to having it all in one machine. If anyone could make it work, Apple could, and Apple wouldn't even need to do much to make it happen.

3.) I'm one of the rare birds who, because I found a way to make something work, wouldn't mind carrying a separate tablet and laptop everywhere. (Ah, the perks of college and being huge...) That said, the less people need to carry, the more they'll want it. Merging the laptop and tablet should be a natural evolution, provided someone doesn't gum it up the way Microsoft has.

4.) I'm waiting for the tri-bred, where the desktop can become a laptop or stand-alone as a tablet. (Unfortunately, I doubt people would share my enthusiasm at such a device, since most companies that would do this would screw this up - price being the biggest factor as to how.)

The thing is, Apple shouldn't compare how well a device would do based how a company screws it up - look at how many people failed at the portable mp3 player prior to the iPod, and how it's common to have iPhones and Android devices taking the place of a separate cell phone, PDA, media player, Camera,and GPS. Anyone who looks at history knows it's rare for anyone attempting to do what Microsoft was trying to do with Windows 8 get it right on the first try, and Microsoft's experienced with this sort of failure.

The biggest hangup I could see as far as Apple botching it is in pricing - after all, there's a reason why MacBooks and iMacs don't have the same success the iOS devices have. Give people a comfortable reason to buy a hybrid, and they will.


Michael Simon

Thanks for the thoughts.

Interesting stuff here. I have no doubt that Apple would do the hybrid thing better than Microsoft, I just don't see it happening. I think the iPad will just keep getting more powerful.


The Skins Factory

This is all wrong. Why would there be sharp rectangles at the bottom of the display?

It should be rounded on the bottom of the display with a concave track on the keyboard area held in by a long, powerful magnet. Having a convex display bottom and a concave track you could allow it to pivot for viewing angles and closing.

However they do it, it needs to be done with magnets. Maybe some sort of easy, hidden release mechanism that allows you to snatch it off easier so the magnets can be powerful but still easy to remove.

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