iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week - Prolong Your Battery Life



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Doc Izzy

When someone tells me their iPhone is suddenly experiencing about half a day of battery life, almost every time it's because they recently set "Auto-Lock" to something other than "1-minute". Most people do not manually put their iPhone to sleep by pressing the sleep button; the Auto-Lock does it for them. When Auto-Lock is set to never or something other than 1 minute, battery life takes a hit.

When I'm told an iPhone is only lasting about 5 hours I almost always see Auto-lock set to never - this makes sense because when the screen is on the iPhone is "in-use" and the iPhone gets 5 hours of usage time on one charge (or more depending on model). When a person has it set to something more than 1-minute I ask them to guess how many times an hour they access the iPhone. Most guess around 5 times. I point out that unless they are putting the iPhone to sleep manually, having it set to auto-lock after 5-minutes means that it is on for 20 minutes more than it has to be every hour (using it 5 times multiplied by the 4 extra minutes). That would mean that over the course of 3 hours their iPhone was in use an additional hour than it needed to be.

So if you're having battery issues, especially if it suddenly started happening, check your Auto-Lock settings.



it seamms every day at the end of the day the batterys dead or vary low thanks for the tips

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