Law & Apple: Man Hates iOS 7, Sues Apple



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Amit SaMy

What a dummy this guy!

Everyone says that Apple is not innovating anymore....blah blah blah

When Apple brings something new as innovative as the iOS 7, the same people say they don't like it.

So the question is, should Apple just sits and waits for these people to tell what should be innovative? Beat the crap...

Also, iOS is the property of Apple Inc., so they can do whatever they want in terms of design ad performance. Furthermore, Apple has never and will never force customers to update something. They just encourage people to do so in order to enjoy new features.

Change is the constant thing in life! Period.



I believe that in small claims court you must ask for a cash amount, less than ($500-$2000). That is why the $50 amount. I am sure he would settle for an uninstaller. My wife does not like iOS7 and the 1 GB of space on her 8 GB iPhone 4 is a significant drain on her resources. She is not suing, however she is watching for a resolution to this issue.



you should get an android with an expandable sd card slot for an extra 64 gb. Just my two cents.


Adrian Hoppel

Thanks for your comments, everyone. It is a strange case, no doubt. I only have a 16g iPhone, and sometimes 1g of space missing would be a real problem. Also, I can empathize with getting annoyed about having to decline the install everytime you restarted your phone. But it is Apple's software, and surely it is in Cupertino's best interest to have everyone using all the newest features as much as possible. I am definitely interested in seeing how this one turns out because, as trivial as it seems, it could set the stage for a wider discussion of who really owns licensed software. Stay tuned!



stupid worthless troll, sounds like he works for google! hope Apples layers counter sue his but for millions in waisted time dealing with worthless scum like him! (you don't like it don't buy it! simple



I'm not a legal expert, but I believe for the plaintiff to win they have to prove there was harm as a result of this action. I'm not sure that this individual can show there was any actual harm done besides the loss of 1GB of space on their device which may or may not be considered real harm. The update notification didn't prevent this person from using their device or in any way limit it's functionality. I think they're going to have a tough time winning this one.



some people clearly have far to much time on there hands and need to get real prospectus in their lives.

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