Law & Apple: Rand Paul Comes to the Defense of Apple



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Rand Paul comes to Apple's defense? RAND PAUL?!?! That's worse for Apple's reputation than being hauled in front of congress in the first place... yuck....


Adrian Hoppel

Thanks for the comment, ragdoll_mac. Personally, I am no fan of Rand Paul; but that does not mean he can't be right sometimes. Either way, politcal arguments probably belong someplace else.


Adam H. Berkey

Being conservative is about principles. Being politically liberal is all about getting gain anymore, even if means throwing your associates under the bus to save your ass. Conservative principles don't do that, and Rand Paul is manifesting that fact in spite of your vitriol. The government's unsatiable appetite for money from any organization, as if a grasping downing victim in a sea of debt laden wih entitlement policy, shows the true nature of what liberal politics do to society. Nobody is immune to those effects. Everybody gets thrown under the bus at some point. Why can't you liberals see that?

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