Law & Apple: Is This Really a Defeat for Samsung?



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This is but one of many cases. If the others follow this one, The total cost may well exceed the profits, especially with the business they will eventually lose from Apple.


Adrian Hoppel

I agree, but here is no avoiding the effect on the marketplace. Samsung is now better poised than anyone to compete with Apple in the smartphone space, and not from an underdog position, and without any need of copycat devices. They are entrenched, they have the customer base, and they can go head to head with Cupertino.

Compared to what happened with MP3 players -- a market Apple just flat out crushed with the iPod -- this is huge. It may end up being worth it to samsung in the long run, even if all the profit they made with copycats ends up going back to Apple, to have stopped Apple from owning the entire marketplace. Conversely, Apple may never be made whole by money from Samsung, vs. what they could have earned if they were the only legitimate player in the smartphone space.

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