Law & Apple: Samsung's Sour Grapes and Cheap Shots



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I disagree. We loose when companies decide to copy and not innovate. These cases are important not only for apple but other U.S. companies. Asian companies in China, Korea and other countries just open up products and copy what they find. If our courts do not protect those patents then it sets everyone back. If you read the case apple would have allowed Samsung to use its patents to make their phones. But Samsung decided to take a chance and save money, they got caught and I hope the decision stands. We need to support our U.S. companies every chance we get.

Capitalism does breed competition but when one company copies another without permission the loser is everyone.



It's understandable how Samsung is upset about this, but seriously. I think MacLife shouldn't "choose" sides. Either way the customer/user base loses with this type of decisions. Capitalism is suppose to breed competition thus the end product suppose to be great products for customers, but with decisions like this it hampers that system.

Two greedy corporations trying to solidify profits essentially.

Please keep it to useful articles for us Mac users.

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