The Lifer: Could the Future of UI Be a Step Back?



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I completely agree, yet I have no doubt we are moving in this direction as well. I think we'll be okay though so long as we don't allow technology to supplant real education and continue to use our technology as a bridge between real human beings exchanging their knowledge, insight, and genuine creativity. There is no substitute for the random or fortuitous nature of human insight and inspiration, it can't be hard-coded; computers will never be able to emulate this human 'functionality' ;) no matter how proficient they become at extrapolating data or doing comparative analyses. Bear in mind that what is generally regarded as human genius often has no connection to pre-existing information; we tend to dream forward and not backward, sometimes there is a disconnect between cause and effect in this process.

And wouldn't Watson be more correctly defined as a network of sorts? Interesting times. :)

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