The Lifer: How Dangerous is the Mac App Store?



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i have to agree with most of you. most mac users will find the apps they want whether it is in the app store or some where on the web.

i think that Rik's point is valid only to those who are either new to mac or are not very confident in their abilities on a computer. ie, those who primarily uses a mac to surf the web.

also, Rik, you scarily look like a cross between Roger Ebert and Bill Gates. no offense.



It seems to me that the Mac App Store is not much different from a "bricks and motar" store. In the later case, the store owner decides what goes on the shelf, how much "selection" there needs to be of similar products, and whether to support certain brands or not.

Unlike the very closed ecosystem of the iOS App Store, you have the choice to shop elsewhere without messing with your device. If Apple is smart (and similarly, the people at Mac|Life) there will be reviews of "the best outside the Mac App Store".



I tend to agree with you Rik, I think it will add new developers like we have seen to the iOS platform, however, there are Apps that won't get approved. WireTap for instance is an incredible app, but won't get on because it uses system level code. There will be better apps that may not get the recognition, but I have a feeling you will see some free apps on the store, that will try to point you to the website to upgrade to a "pro" version. 30% of the cut is quite a bit for Mac developers as well, but we'll see how this goes.



Rik, your thoughtful articles are, to me, the most impressive content on the MacLife website.



Unlike for iOS, it won't be the only place to buy apps. There will be plenty of opportunity for developers as well as other curators.



It is true that Apple will decide what apps are admitted into the app store. However, the point you miss is that Apple has an incentive to provide the best apps (and user experience) possible to its users. Apple doesn't just arbitrarily decide to impose restrictions for no reason because Steve Jobs loves to control people.

I tend to agree that "the vast majority of consumer-level Mac users will prefer to shop at a centralized, Apple-approved online app repository," but this will only increase the incentive for people to conform to Apple's requirements and thus make better, more uniform in interface, and easier to use apps. This can fairly easily be seen in the difference in app quality between the Apple App store and the Android Market. Yes, Apple will reject certain apps, but not because they want to make the user experience worse.

Overall I think the Mac App Store will increase the quality, user experience, and profits of everyone.



and netflix doesn't carry porn in it's "store" but it is freely available on the web and people know where to go to get it.

you're putting a lot on what you call "a safe bet". i'll bet you're wrong. i'll bet that people who want yahoo messenger will know where to get it and it won't impact it at all. i'll bet that people who want to buy the latest book from their favorite author won't go to joe's sporting goods, bbq, car wash and fish emporium to get it.



At least on the Mac platform if an app is rejected and we want it, we can get it other ways without having to jailbreak, or am I confused? I wasn't thinking the mac app store would lock mac users into that as the only way to purchase software. If apple rejects an app that is good, you will just have to make sure we know about it so we can go get it from the developer. I think quality products will still sell, in or out of the mac app store.



The sky is falling!

Never hurts to have a healthy dose of skepticism. But even then, the skeptics are hardly immune from that being the response to their claims.

I think this is a bunch of unnecessary hand-wringing. There's no way it's going to be that dire. And maybe some new to the platform are not going to wander outside the realm of the app store, but they are most likely not going to anyway. They're the people who use the installed apps and that's it.

And the idea that Apple won't allow a better app in than ones that exist already in the store is pure hooey, based on the assumption that this App store is already evil, so no matter how wildly I speculate about it, what I say has to be true.

This is one for Gruber's Claim Chowder.

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