The Lifer: Microsoft is Teetering on Irrelevancy



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Nathan Galbraith

The upcoming Windows RT does not stand for run time. Windows run time is called WinRT and is a collection of APIs that allow tighter integration with hardware and other software. According to Microsoft it doesn't stand for anything. Stupid? Yes, but so is not fact checking.

Clearly though, this is just an opinion peace. It reads like my diary after my first girlfriend broke up with me. Even though its mostly factual, its hard to swallow.



I actually like the ultrabooks. Of course, the MacBook Air would knock them out of the water but for what they are, I see the allure.

That said, I agree with most of what's said in this article. My one thing is that if Microsoft ever truly does become irrelevant I feel like it won't be for quite awhile. Windows makes up most desktop computing, and that's what keeps our brotherly nemeses afloat. With the users having more familiarity advantage, maybe there's more to it we don't see. Maybe Microsoft realizes that they are still, for the moment, the majority of desktop computing. So they have a couple of more times to screw up before we go the irrelevant route.



So Microsoft plans to kill 2+ years of app support? Wow talk about killing a company!



you nailed it. everything ms is doing is a response. there is no vision, there's only moneyball.

they will throw money at any market they want to be in until the cash cows come home. look no further than xbox and their online services for examples - billions and billions and billions lost before any profit was seen with the xbox and still, after over 10 years, never a nickel in profit on msn, hotmail, search... ballmer has said they'll lose as many billions as it takes to "compete" with google.

and now ballmer says whatever apple does ms will be right behind them. stores, walled garden, hardware...

this is a "me too!" mentality. there is no vision, there's only moneyball.



It became obvious to everyone by now where Apple is heading: The convergence of OSX and iOS. Little by little one becomes more like the other.

This latest Windows OS seemed like a move of desperation by Microsoft, like they think they're so clever "Hey, I think I know where Apple is headed. Let's cut them off at the pass!"

Apple is smart enough to know that this needs to be a slow transition, giving users and developers time to adjust.

By the way "Ultrabook" is a terrible name. Why not call them "Herculesbook". Nothing about the word "Ultra" by itself says small. It means 'mighty', 'extremely', 'excessively', 'mega', 'mucho', etc. Why not "Lightbook" or "Sprybook"?

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