The Lifer: Take Time to Unplug



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Thanks for a great reminder!

A little more than a decade ago, my regular job was going slow, so the company moved me, along with others on my shift to that "repetitive, physical job" you are talking about in this article. A short time later they let our shift go.

However, while doing that repetitive, mindless, physical job, I propped up the manuals for Photoshop and QuarkXPress (the leading typesetting program of its time) in front of me, and read through them, cover to cover. And I thank God for that!

Today, I am the Senior Creative Graphic Designer for one of the biggest printing companies in my city. That would not be the case today, if I had been numbing my mind with some tunes back then, or with the multitude of yummy distractions on today's iDevice.

So — dare I say it — maybe it's time again to take a little break, and interact with the world around me.

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