The Lifer: What Will We Lose -- or Gain -- When E-Reading Kills Paper for Good?



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"Last July, Amazon reported that sales of e-books passed those of hardcovers."

I guess I should be surprised to see this trope still floating about, but I'm really not. The original report was Amazon reported sales of e-books passed those of hardcovers on, and that was just a report for Christmas sales when people were getting their first Kindles and downloading material.

This April, I went to RT Booklovers' Convention, sponsored by the magazine RT Book Reviews. They primarily report on and review romance novels, but they also have information on other genres women read. As an early adopter of e-book technology, romance still flourishes in hardcopy, as witnessed by the dozens of free paper books given out during the course of the convention. Many fans have reported time and again they are not willing to give up their paper books, but a large track of programming was devoted to e-publishing and the changing markets.

So maybe the headline should be changed to "If E-Reading Kills Paper For Good"?



For me the paperback is better for reading in bed when it is cold or raining.
Having said that I wish all textbooks were available as electronically. I am thankful though the majority of journals are now available electronically as it saves time researching an assignment.



You ever see that movie....

You've got mail?



I can't put the website here but search "Umberto Eco July 1994 symposium "The Future of the Book," held at the University of San Marino."

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